Donald Bastien
Donald Bastien
(February 17)
Wyatt Dentel
Wyatt Dentel
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Chuck Goddard
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Kendel  Gregory
Kendel Gregory
(February 08)


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Kendel Gregory Member since 2015


You could have been anywhere else in the world, but for this moment, you are here checking me out. And one day, (if it's meant to be) I'll return the favor in person. Smile!

Knowing what a beautiful experience it can be to communicate with the right woman who I can have positive, down to earth, mature, diverse and honest conversations with, I realized that I miss that "all natural" feeling of vibeing with a woman friend, and since there is nothing like the REAL THING, I thought to come to this website to meet you who are interested in communicating with a man who you can have positive down to earth, fun, mature, diverse and honest conversations with.

Otherwise, just doing what I have to do to get my freedom back, and contribute to my growth and development in areas of education, career preparation, culture and personal growth. I'll share more in detail with you as we communicate, and feel free to ask any type of questions.

Socially my strong points are:
Listening, keeping it real regardless to whom or what, and coming up with solutions.
Until we meet, do the right thing even when no one is looking, and most of all don't be shy or too fly to reply and say "HI".

Cultural Warrior
Kendel Rasheed Gregory
(5 feet 8 inches and currently 170 pounds)

Kendel  Gregory
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Write me a letter!

Kendel Gregory #10A0631
Auburn Corr. Facility C18-2
P.O. Box 618
Auburn, NY 13024


Email Me!

Date of Birth 02/08/1972

Age 42

Gender Male

Sexual Orientation Straight

Astrological Sign Aquarius

Race African American

Hometown New York City, NY

Marital Status Single

Favorite Activities Research, teaching, sports, trade work, working, shopping and family

I would like to receive letters from Women.

Details of My Incarceration

Incarcerated Since July 12, 2005

Earliest Release Date **serving 32 to life sentence

Latest Release Date

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