Donald Bastien
Donald Bastien
(February 17)
Wyatt Dentel
Wyatt Dentel
(February 09)
Chuck Goddard
Chuck Goddard
(February 12)
Kendel  Gregory
Kendel Gregory
(February 08)


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Donald Bastien Member since 2015


This is my story as I compose this ad "from a position in which I am in need of your companionship." I certainly do hope that you are very much open to welcoming the effort, in hope that we can enthusiastically approach towards establishing a wonderful friendship. As a matter of fact, maturity, honesty and passion are three of the qualities that I believe can help sustain a relationship as well as effective communications and understanding. One of my main philosophies in life is that "True friendships can never be bought"....

Therefore, I hope that I'm the one you'd like to meet, so here I am wandering on "Exclusive Prisoner's Website"... like a lost sheep.

As they say, What you sew is what you reap, so hopefully I can be your corn on the cob or your Cream-Of-Wheat. As you sit there clicking away for pen pals on your internet seat, I hope to be your number one on your consideration sheet. Though I know that I can make your smile complete, While you're the one to make my heart dance to a new beat....

They say that nothing good ever comes easy or cheap, and sometimes we got to creep before we leap, is why we always search and seek. Going over mountains, rough and steep, trekking through valleys wide and deep, on our weary and tired feet... Hoping to find and greet someone that's lovely and sweet, on this worldwide internet street...

So please consider these few lines just a little treat. You know, a little something "in" to sink your teeth, to think of before you go to sleep..

Though I might sound a little antique, but give me just a little "peep" before you decide to press delete....

Finally! In your friendship, God gives me a glimpse of his beauty in creation. I am simply waiting to be discovered. But that's what will make the DISCOVERY-LOCKDOWN so dog-on DELICICOUS to hear from you!!!!

Donald Bastien
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Donald Bastien #00A2899
Mohawk Correctional Facility
6514 Rt. 26 P.O. Box 8451
Rome, NY 13442


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Date of Birth 02/17/1963

Age 52

Gender Male

Sexual Orientation Straight

Astrological Sign Aquarius

Race African American

Religion Rastafari

Hometown Brooklyn, NY

Marital Status Single

Education High School

Favorite Activities Writing poems, blogging, and History etc.

I would like to receive letters from Women.

Details of My Incarceration

Incarcerated Since 1996

Earliest Release Date 2028

Latest Release Date 9999

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08/15/2015 - GROWN - "Grown". Epitome of excellence, which is what some of...View Entry

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