Jason Banks
Jason Banks
(September 28)
Dick Wayne Blanchard
Dick Wayne Blanchard
(September 23)
Mark  Brull
Mark Brull
(September 02)
Richard Deeds
Richard Deeds
(September 01)
Anna Gutierrez
Anna Gutierrez
(September 20)
Spencer Knight
Spencer Knight
(September 30)
Jason Leggett
Jason Leggett
(September 26)
Juan Lopez
Juan Lopez
(September 29)
Russell Montague
Russell Montague
(September 23)
Winfred  Oliver
Winfred Oliver
(September 14)
Amber Vasquez
Amber Vasquez
(September 03)


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Kenneth Brown Member since 2013

Read between the lines….I’m in search of some crazy, sexy cool chicks for friendship purposes only. Let’s keep it fun and exciting! I’m looking for the thick, curvy, bootylicious diva’s from all across the US of A. “White, Black, Latina, Mexican, Asian, Italian, Russian, German, Jamaican” From plain Jane to exotic, show me what I’m missing, put a smile on my face. “Twerk” it like Miley at the VMA’s (LOL) I’m a real cool dude, so show me some love. I need a hug. Embrace me with your letters, and I LOVE pictures. So send me some. Don’t be shy. Show me what you’re working with. Daisy Dukes, boyshorts, tight Capr i Pants…lol Be my motivation? Keep my mind on society no disrespect, but I haven’t seen any sexy women since I’ve been down. “I’m tired of seeing dudes!”
Flood my mail box with letters and pictures. In a world with FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube, (which we have absolutely NO access to) why are females not showing dudes behind the wall the same love as their FaceBook friends? Don’t forget about us. Lol Keep me current. Keep me relevant. Keep me up to date. Don’t allow the world to leave me behind. I’ve been down so long, I don’t even know how to access the internet, sad but true. I’m strong! Mentally, physically and emotionally. I’vejust lost all contact with the free world. I don’t need much. Just a letter and pictures every now and then. Keep it “100” like a fastball. I love chicks with tattoo’s also. If you listen to Lil Wayne, Tech Nine, Gucci Mane and you’re not a stranger to Kush, lol we will get along just fine. Real recognize real and do real things……
I’m so far gone, take care, Thank me later….. lol
“Sorry 4 the wait”
Hit me up and put a smile on my face A.S.A.P.
Kush is my cologne , Keep ya head up!
Your new friend,
P.S. “don’ t judge me, and stereo type me…. I’m just me. Only god can judge any of us” P.E.A.C.E.

Kenneth Brown
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Write me a letter!

Kenneth Brown #155877
KSP 3-13L-3
266 Water Street
Eddyville, KY 42038


Email Me!

Date of Birth 05/26/1978

Age 35

Gender Male

Sexual Orientation Straight

Astrological Sign Gemini

Race African American

Hometown Louisville, KY

Marital Status Single

Education 2 years of Community College

Favorite Book/Author 48 Laws of Power

Favorite Activities Working out, listening, to music, drawings, reading, traveling, ...and tattoos.

I would like to receive letters from Women.

Details of My Incarceration

Incarcerated Since 2002

Earliest Release Date 10/2015

Latest Release Date 10/2020

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